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Our cutting edge testing is complimented by a variety of robust proprietary tech tools that distinguishes us from the competition. Some of the tools we have that can be customized to meet the needs of Retailers and Suppliers are:


Ensure all Products Meet Quality Standards. Compass is a sophisticated application that monitors adherence to your quality programs. By applying our exclusive algorithms to your purchase order data, Compass allows CTL to efficiently and accurately administer the rules of your testing programs. We notify your supply chain of testing required to satisfy your preset parameters, and we give you regular feedback on deficiencies in program adherence. We ensure that the products you want tested are, indeed, tested. read more »

Online Testing Applications

Allow Suppliers to Start the Test Process Quickly and Accurately. Online Testing Applications is an interactive, web-based platform that allows suppliers to quickly and easily start the sample submission process. Important supporting documentation can be uploaded with the application itself, so they don't have to be printed and shipped with the sample. Forms can be completed on a wide variety of devices, even smartphones. Upcoming testing due dates are displayed so suppliers don't miss important testing deadlines. Previous submissions can be searched, reviewed, and duplicated to jump-start new applications. The tool also provides status of the samples through the testing process. read more »


Have Complete Confidence in the Consistency and Accuracy of CTL Test Records. Infinity is our proprietary laboratory information management system that standardizes product, supplier, and retailer information, and enforces retailer rules and standards. Because Infinity is web-based and centralized, rules and protocols never deviate across any of our physical locations. As a result, CTL produces lab records that are in a consistent, easy-to-navigate format regardless of which lab performs the testing. read more »

Corporate View

Search, Find, and Review Test Results. Corporate View provides quick access to specific lab reports and visibility into samples that are currently in testing. Using Corporate View’s robust query builder, suppliers and retailers can quickly find testing information by such product attributes as brand, UPC, Style Number, and Country of Origin. Official test reports and billing summaries (visible only to supplier) are easily accessible and always available. Users can export query results in Excel format for additional analysis and can save common queries for repeated use. read more »

Corporate Communications

Initiate, Store, and Track Correspondence about Test Results. Built on the Corporate View platform, Corporate Communications facilitates and stores correspondence regarding your products and their test results. You initiate actions against test results, which provide direct feedback to suppliers or manufacturers, laboratory personnel, and your internal team members. The actions you can take, which include, among others, product reject and corrective action (retest), are customizable to your specific needs. Corporate Communications maintains a history of actions and correspondence so you never have to question who made which decisions about your product, as well as when and why. read more »

Test Results Electronic Data Feed

Transfer Test Results, Computer-to-Computer. CTL’s electronic data feed mechanism provides fully automated transmission of test results, offering seamless integration with our customers' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. read more »


Explore Test Results and Spot Trends in Quality and Performance. InSight is a visualization and discovery platform that compiles data from multiple sources, including individual test reports, and translates it into business intelligence that supports your strategic decisions. InSight blends test results with other retail data, giving both buyers and quality managers unprecedented visibility into their supply chain and quality programs. By filling information gaps with findings from InSight, stakeholders can review performance across retailer divisions, suppliers, factories, countries of origin, and many other combinations of associated dimensions. read more »

Did You Know

In today's fast-paced retail environment, you cannot afford to delay the manufacture and shipment of your product while you await test results. We offer 3-5 business day turnaround times for most evaluations and for those times when you need your results faster, Express Service is available for many products. Contact us for details.

Rick Potts, Chief Technology Officer
"There are many test labs out there - CTL takes it one step further by providing meaningful data for actionable improvements."
Rick Potts
Chief Technology Officer